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Types, Features, and Benefits of 20ft storage containers

For storing personal belongings and business items, 20 ft containers provide adequate space. This is a standard size that people hire the most. 20ft storage container hire in Avonmouth Bristol offers secured and safe storage of items. These containers are made of hardcore steel or metals that would protect your belongings from getting damaged.

Types of 20ft storage containers

There are two main types of 20ft storage containers. These are mentioned below.

  • High Cube Container- As the name suggests; the height of the container is larger than the standard containers. It offers adequate headroom to your belongings so that you can securely store the taller items, the dimensions (in feet): 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8′ 6”
  • Open Top Container- This is even better for the taller items as the top of the container remains open. Open-top containers are required only when high cube containers aren’t sufficient.

Features of 20ft storage containers

Features of 20ft container hire Avonmouth Bristol may differ from company to company. But let us see the very basic and common features of the containers that you may expect.

  • The body of the container is made up of sturdy steel with folding surfaces for extra strength.
  • The timber flooring reinforces the container.
  • The doors can be opened wide so that the items can be loaded and unloaded easily without much hassle.
  • The containers usually have forklift pockets for better handling purposes and promote ease of usage.

Why choose 20 ft containers? What are the benefits?

A 20ft storage container hire in Avonmouth Bristol has several benefits. The container has a standard size and gives enough room for your belongings. You may need a larger container for accommodating more items. But for standard usage, this is the best option.

Let us look into the benefits.

  • The durability of the strong and hardcore body of the container is the very first benefit. The containers are long-lasting and don’t corrode easily. Also, breaking them and stealing items is almost impossible. Thus the strength of the container makes your storage safe and secure.
  • 20ft container hire Avonmouth Bristol is quite affordable and available. As it is a standard size, it is easily available and the price remains within your budget around 1200 euro per container.
  • The purposes of 20ft containers are versatile. Apart from personal and business purposes, it can be used for shipping as well.

All in all, choosing 20ft containers is convenient and cost-effective if they serve your purpose of storage and here at Andersons Storage most of our containers are the 20 foot models.

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