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Home storage guide

House moves or home moving is a frustrating time to say the least, the stress of where you are going to put things is understatement. As your home moving day approaches, you will find yourself stressing even more about the sorting, packing, and the new contract-signing, sorting utilities for your new home. Even registering your new postcode the number of things to do can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and it is easy to feel exhausted and overwhelmed, however, there are some things you can do to ease the pressure like using a local storage facility.

Local Storage

Using a local storage facility is a great way to take away some of the stress out of home  moving day because it means not everything has to be done on the same day. You can stagger the home moving of your personal effects, getting stuff you don’t currently need out of the house early and only moving things into your new home when you’re ready to find a place for them.

A great example, if you are waiting for your newly delivered shed or storing area to be completed at your brand new home then you can keep all your tools in a storage facility, instead of having them filling up at your new chaotic new home. It’s also a great option for a number of problems you could experience during your move like your move date being delayed or pushed back. It might also be the case that you are having to have work carried out on your new home or even a place to keep things you’re not quite sure will fit in your new home,  home moving could be stress free with the correct planning in place.

If you sell your property and move your items into local storage whilst renting or staying with family, you become a chain free buyer. This can make the home moving process simpler in most cases this allows you to be more flexible, knowing your items are in good condition and safely stored especially if you choose Andersons storage in Avonmouth Bristol.

What is secure self storage

Secure Self-storage offers units of space for hire in our case we offer secure and dry container storage, which is in the form of 20-foot containers which incidentally works out cheaper than big branded storage companies with smaller units sold by size.. These containers are mostly 20-foot long units. They are designed to be safe (containers are lockable from the outside and covered by CCTV) and convenient (you can hire them for as long or as little time as you want,

When should you use our local storage?

Andersons local Storage is ideal for.

Anyone wanting to clear certain parts of the house ahead of home moving day.

Are you planning renovation or redecoration of your old or new home? Then our local storage is recommended.

If you or anyone that is vulnerable to extra complications on the home moving day eg. if you are in a big house moving chain or you plan to exchange contracts on the day of completion.

How do you choose a local storage facility?

There are quite a few things you will need to consider when choosing a local storage facility. 

Security. Theft is unavoidably a risk in storage facilities, but it can be minimized with proper precautions and remember your storage goods are insured at Andersons Storage.

Be aware of some large facilities with on monitored access.

The majority of storage facility thefts are likely to be carried out by people posing as customers. This is a particular concern if the facilities are not monitored.

If you are confident that the facility advertises supervision and CCTV at your storage larger facility, make sure the provider can demonstrate it works correctly.

It is also recommended that you invest in a heavy-duty padlock approved reliable brand from a proper hardware store, however here at Andersons we issue approved locks and keys to make sure your storage is secure at all times.

It is always key and providing its possible, you must try to ensure your storage facility is conveniently positioned and drivable near your home. This makes it easy when home moving so you can easily pop over to collect, drop off and check on your locally stored goods, and if you are concerned and want to go the extra mile to be even more cautious you can always  take photographs so you know if anything’s been moved.

The condition of the local storage facility.

Your condition of the personal belongings might not just be at risk from someone trying to steal them but also from the conditions of the facility that they are stored in. Here at Anderson’s storage we make sure all of the containers are cleaned thoroughly. At the time of writing, we offer brand new containers to our clients they are dry and always maintained.

For all those items that are extra special, you might also want to consider how you pack up your items for longer storage periods, you can choose to pack your valuables into plastic boxes or containers or you might even want to vacuum pack certain goods instead of using cardboard boxes.

Access to your container.

No doubt, you will be shown around the container storage location as a prospective customer, but to be honest you will have gauged complete confidence from our website and also from our google reviews or even a recommendation from a friend when they were home moving. Moving your stuff in and out of storage units can be a pain if you are not on the ground floor near the door especially at storage facilities that have narrow corridors. Remember if you cannot get up close to unload, the additional time required by the removal team will increase your bill, so this is another key feature we have at our storage facility. If you are planning to move your items within a few months, it’s worth considering the ease of access to your unit and confirming this with the facility before you sign a contract, however here at Anderson’s you can secure your storage well in advance and only start paying from when you begin to use the facility.

 How to find a local storage facility.

The most common thing to do these days when looking for storage for a home moving is to have a look online at the local businesses on google. You can also look at google map listings for all your local companies.

If you live in the Bristol or Avonmouth area, you will be sure to find Andersons Storage listed as one of the suppliers for secure and recommended storage, be sure to read the reviews about the facility, also pick up the phone or send us an email and we will send you all the information needed.

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